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2017-18 Club Tryout Information

Tryout Registration Process

  1. Please review the 2018 USAV Age Definition to determine in which division you are eligible to play.
  2. Review the CHRVA Member Registration Information and Register for USAV Membership
  3. Register For Braddock Road Volleyball Club Tryouts - GO HERE and complete the registration!  Please be sure you get the confirmation email.  If not then try again!

All players must register with USAV prior to tryout out with any club.  Go Here to register with CHRVA.  Please remember to print out your proof of registration as you will need to provide this at every club tryout you attend.


Please be sure to register with CHRVA if you haven't already done so.  This is a policy mandated by USA Volleyball (USAV) and CHRVA, a Region of USAV, and no exceptions can be made.  If you can not provide proof of USAV membership we may not allow you to try out for a team.

All athletes interested in trying out must bring the following with them:


Offers extended to players are primarily at the coaches' discretion.  Some teams may and will extend all official and a number of alternate offers to players in attendance at the regularly scheduled tryout session.  If these teams have no spots available by the time of the makeup/callback session, the makeup session will be cancelled.  Please visit your particular team's page to find details for the team for which you are trying out.

In short, if you want to play for a particular team, your best bet is to attend their regularly scheduled tryout and not rely on coming to the makeup session.  If you have an questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

Note: If there is no further information on the team page, the scheduled makeup/callback will take place as scheduled.


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