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If you have been looking for a spot where boys play volleyball this is it! We are affiliated with the Braddock Road Volleyball Club in Northern Virginia, which is part of the Chesapeake Region, which is an arm of USA Volleyball. We have teams ranging from U12 up to U18 so we offer an experience for boys of most ages. We started this program in 2010 when it became apparent that there was a demand for the opportunity for boys in our area who love the sport or want to just try it out to have a place to play. Growing up as a boys player where there were no high school teams I know how difficult it can be to have opportunities to play this great sport that I love!

Our U14 and older programs (7th grade up) practice twice a week and travel to 1 or 2 tournaments between December and May. These teams vie for bids to complete in the National championships which happen in late June/early July. Our U12 program (6th grade and under) is a developmental program with 1 practice a week and usually 1 or 2 tournaments a month between January and April. For all ages we also will work with players who may only be able to practice and not participate in tournaments.

Below is more information about our philosophy. For more information on our coaches see the Coaches page. Please contact Rob Baily at or 703-855-3391 with any questions about our program. We hope to see your son out on the court!

Rob Baily, Boys Club Director

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Our mission is to offer an opportunity for boys to learn, develop and excel in the sport of volleyball, including those boys who play other sports competitively.


Boys volleyball is an underrepresented sport in the greater Washington DC area. This can be attributed to the fact that there are few programs for boys and that the area is hyper competitive over other sports and activities which does not allow boys the freedom to experiment with different sports that they may be interested in.

We offer a program with the following attributes:

Fun – If one doesn’t like a sport they are playing in then it is easy to lose interest. We want the boys to enjoy their time so that they want to continue with it in the future.

Developmental – At this age, when boys are not fully grown and their skills are not fully developed, it is of greater importance to focus on their individual all around skills rather than put an emphasis on playing only what they happen to be good at for this point in time. It is a disservice to put kids into a box, position-wise, when they have so much time to see what they are capable of with some practice and opportunities to try.

Positive – As teammates, each player needs to learn the value of staying positive with their fellow players and not drag them down with negativity. As coaches, we will encourage, lead by example and will not tolerate negative attitudes between players.

While we want to field a competitive team, the overriding goal is to develop the players for the future as none of these boys have reached their physical peak and player enjoyment and development is the focus.


Braddock Road Volleyball Club  
PO Box 1010  
Springfield VA 22151